Digital media is exactly what its name suggests: anything that is online or can be shared by a device such as a phone, computer or tablet. It is important that people are able to find your business online, and this happens through the use of digital media.

Types of digital media


This is any media that you “own” and that you have control over. This includes your website and social media platforms and all the content that is published on them. Owned media is all about the brand. Sometimes all a flagging business needs is a couple of changes to its website or a social media blast. Every situation is different.

Bluebell Media can either build your website or social media platforms from scratch or tweak your existing website and platforms to ensure a strong brand presence online.


This is the media that you “earn” online, such as website comments, social media engagement or newsletter signups. Although there generally is no monetary investment in this media, there is work involved to ensure that you can attract it.

This includes social media campaigns and the behind-the-scenes work on the website in terms of SEO efforts to ensure that the brand is well-ranked on search engines.

Bluebell Media will ensure that the right keywords are used throughout your content and within your website to attract customers to your business. We can also create a social media campaign to boost visibility and engagement.


This is any sort of media that you have to pay for in order to get your brand seen online. 

This includes online advertising, boosted social media posts and bidding on keywords called Google Adwords to move your site up the search engine rankings. 

The person running your campaign at Bluebell Media holds valid training certificates from the Google Analytics Academy.

What Bluebell Media can do for you

Your digital marketing campaign may include some or all of these types of media. 

At Bluebell Media we understand that not all businesses have large amounts of money to throw at paid campaigns. We tailor every estimate according to your budget and needs, and strive to work cleverly with the resources that we have to get your business maximum exposure.

All our content comes with a quality guarantee - it will be professional and you can be confident that there won’t be a missing comma or a spelling mistake.

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