ABOUT Bluebell Media

Bluebells in Portumna Forest Park.

Bluebell Media is based near Nenagh in County Tipperary, Ireland. It is run by former journalist Alison Visser, who spent two decades in journalism before moving into digital media.

Alison worked at prominent news brands, where she played a crucial role in substantially increasing readership. As the news industry changed, she soon realised that for a newspaper to remain relevant and profitable it would need to have another look at its content. Her focus shifted to analytics, honing her digital skills to ensure that the publication produced the right kind of content. It had to be engaging, attract readers and advertisers, and ensure profitability.

This former print journalist spent years learning to translate the digital jargon into something she - and most other people - could understand. Now she spends her days creating content for businesses who need to boost their online presence.
Boost your online presence with the right content.

Digital marketing

Once you have the perfect content, digital media and marketing come into play. Bluebell Media will also take care of this, from creating and tweaking websites, social media posts and newsletters to online advertising and ensuring that the right keywords are used to attract the audience you want.

The goal is to connect businesses with customers and then work on maintaining those connections.

Bluebell Media is committed to help kickstart small businesses, many of which are emerging from a devastating Covid-19 lockdown. Let Bluebell Media take care of your online presence while you regroup and rebuild.